our philosophy

eebee's adventures

eebee's adventures are designed to engage you and your baby with rich play experiences that provide powerful lessons that memorizing letters, numbers, colors and shapes simply can and do not.

Watching and, importantly, “doing” eebee's adventures will allow you and your baby to see and learn first-hand what happens when you explore a crinkly, crunchy, smooth and bumpy paper mountain or roll, bounce, bop, bang, slide and toss your way around a world of balls and ramps.

We know that when your child is playing, she is actively trying to figure things out about objects and people—why did that ball roll and the block slide? How did he do that? Why did that happen?... The questions, theories and solutions just continue to evolve as your child develops and masters a myriad of critical physical, social and intellectual skills—playing and learning about how the world works and he works in it.

Every parent can recount a time when their infant headed straight for that curtain to give it a pull; or happily opted to tear the wrapping paper rather then engage with the gift; or tried and tried to get the round peg into the square hole; or simply offered you whatever was in their hand.

Babies will instinctively:

  • Take initiative and act on their natural curiosity
  • Make clear choices among different materials and experiences
  • Vary their strategies and try different approaches
  • Persist at a goal and stick to a task
  • Share their discoveries and seek social interaction

These are the real basic skills of your baby's first years and these are the hallmarks of great thinkers and achievers. The research is clear that the best way for babies to grow and strengthen these skills—the skills they need to succeed in life—is to play.

Every baby learns by doing.