Build tomorrow's skills today
nose to nose

Help your baby become a
21st century problem-solver!

eebee’s adventures programs and products go beyond letters, numbers, shapes and colors.

eebee’s adventures start with questions such as: How do I…? What happens when…? What if I…? What if you…? What if it…?

Instinctively, babies will:

  • take initiative,
  • act on their natural curiosity,
  • make clear choices,
  • try different approaches,
  • persist at a goal and stick to a task,
  • share their discoveries and seek social interaction

These are the real basic skills of your baby’s first years and these are the hallmarks of great thinkers and achievers.

The research is clear that the best way for babies to grow and strengthen these skills—the skills they need to succeed in life—is to play. And that’s what eebee’s adventures are all about.

The award-winning programs and products will engage babies with new ideas through play and inspire parents with ideas about play, development and the skills that will last a lifetime.

eebee’s adventures. Building tomorrow’s skills today.

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Recommended by experts awards
21 prestigious awards
  • DVD of the Year from Parenting Magazine
  • Parents’ Choice
5 star reviews
  • “Must See. Must Have. Must Do.”
  • — Parents magazine
  • “a common sense approach moms will dig…”
  • — Cool Mom Picks
  • “The un-Baby Einstein option”
  • — Chicago Tribune
  • “One of the most ambitious approaches in years…”
  • — Wall Street Journal
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eebee’s Going with the Flow adventure, winner of a Parents’ Choice Gold Award, offers babies, toddlers and play partners of all ages an ocean of inspiration to fill, float, splash, pour and explore with water!

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“I dont think elmo could ever make our son laugh
the way Eebee does.”

— Mandy,
mother of Kaeden,
age 1


“You get to be one on one with your child in a way that other shows don’t allow you to do.”
— Megan,
mother of Betsy,
14 months


“It's all about interactive ideas and doing vs. just watching.”
— Jackie,
mother of Skyler,
18 months

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