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Turn everyday moments into
magical learning adventures!

From the “art” of exploring textures to the “science” of rolling a ball, eebee’s adventures multi-award winning products are all about DOING! And doing is how babies learn and grow. Join eebee, real babies and grown-ups and take your baby on an adventure!

  • turn bathtime into fill-spill games, sink-float experiments, and water flow exploration
  • turn a basket of balls into turn-taking, “baby bowling” and cause & effect discovery games
  • turn pots and pans into a music lab to explore rhythm, loudness, pitch and tone
  • turn a flashlight into an on-off, light-dark and whimsical shadow play adventure

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View a WATER PLAY adventure for FREE!water play eebee

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eebee’s Going with the Flow adventure, winner of a Parents’ Choice Gold Award, offers babies, toddlers and play partners of all ages an ocean of inspiration to fill, float, splash, pour and explore with water!

Right click this link to download and save the adventure to your computer now.

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  • “One of the most ambitious approaches in years…”
  • — Wall Street Journal
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“I dont think elmo could ever make our son laugh
the way Eebee does.”

— Mandy,
mother of Kaeden,
age 1


“You get to be one on one with your child in a way that other shows don’t allow you to do.”
— Megan,
mother of Betsy,
14 months


“It's all about interactive ideas and doing vs. just watching.”
— Jackie,
mother of Skyler,
18 months

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